From beautiful downtown Rutherford, NJ: it’s Coach Clutterbuster.

Technically, I’m still 40 minutes away from the actual birth of Coach Clutterbuster LLC, but I’m here WordPressing away.

First off, a serious shout out to Laura Berman Fortgang, career coach and friend of umpteen years for her part in this new adventure.
Another serious shout out to Mark Edgar, who, like the Cheshire Cat, led me to uncover my destiny: Certified Organizational Specialisttm because he told me about Cassandra Aarssen‘s website:

More shout outs to Melissa Lam for the photo shoot AND Sandra Algood Taylor for taking my ideas and making them come alive!

I’ve got a cast of supporters, people who have had my back (some of them for decades) to thank as well, so in totally random order:

Sue Ananian, Linda Scheffers Coonrad, Gloria Ramos, Harriet Goldstein, Lori Martini, Michael McAteer, Sheri Newberger, Brendan White, Lucy Rosen, Lara Maurino Donohue, Donald Scalea, Helene Miller, Papafern Greco and Matt 4n6.

I incarnated into a really interesting and diverse family this time around: Special props to the ones that I got to know: Big ‘buela, Grandma Isabel, Grandpa Manolo, Uncle Ralphie & Sita, my mother Tina, my aunt and best friend forever: Gloria, my uncle and always keeping his eye out for me: Manny and his daughter Jeannine.
My father Eddie and his family: Grandma Tati, all of his brothers and sisters; and all my cousins, especially Gigi and Johnny.

Remembrances to those cousins that have passed: Danny De Jesus, Olympia Santana, George Costa, Louis Reyes, Bernadette De Jesus.

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