Sandy De Jesus is an innate, visual, out of the box problem solver with mad communication skills, verbal and written. Too bad there isn’t a major specifically for that in a college somewhere.

Sandy has been working with computers, crunching numbers, sorting beans, since the early 1980’s. After 9-11, Sandy closed her successful computer consultancy company and sought employment close to home, you see 9-11 was personally impactful to her family and traveling about the country was no longer an option. Sandy took a humongous pay cut to take a job at a local university because (a) the 7 mile commute was doable and (b) the healthcare coverage was far superior than what she previously had.

Working in academia immediately presented new challenges, not the least of which was helping highly educated people deal with “real world” processes, like receipts for travel, converting documents from WordPerfect <!> into Word and using Excel to keep abreast of the ever changing course schedules in the department.

Sandy found new ways to improve the function of the department, creatively broadcast information to the students and generally, make an impact which is one of her core values.

Perfect score on final exam!